JODY ISAACS is the owner and operator of Journey’s Eye Studio. Jody is a serial entrepreneur. One of her first business ventures was partnering to re-start and, for 16 years, run a hot springs spa in Southern California in the mid-70’s. Her second venture was the co-creation of a management consulting business in Cambridge, MA. Jody’s latest venture into home furnishings and accessories draws upon her passion for color, texture, form and design. One of Jody’s greatest assets is her ability to connect and network with people from shop owners to dealers to individual customers. A typical day for Jody involves going to a car swap to find car parts for an industrial light fixture designed by In HouseTM furnishings designer Steve Tyrrell, a quick trip out of town to shop several favorite picking sources, then home for a quick change of clothes before she’s off to Ramble Market to work the floor and sell. Later in the day she is likely in a meeting with a client at her Carlisle Studio to consult on a home design project.