JODY ISAACS oversees Journey’s Eye In House Design Department, which specializes in repurposing car and airplane parts and other eclectic industrial objects into something new and beautiful. We are known for turning unique combinations of wood and metal into furnishings, light fixtures and accessories. We can repurpose just about anything into a special item that will reconnect you to people and places from your life’s adventure and create conversations for years to come.
STEVE TYRRELL is the head of the In House Design Team at Journey’s Eye. Steve’s year of experience in the building industry combined with his creative genius and unique eye for combining and repurposing amazing wood and metals parts into beautiful new furnishings that have useful and sentimental value. Steve amazes us with his endless creative energy for bring pieces together – both signature pieces designed “in-house” as well as custom pieces inspired by unique parts and passions brought to us by our customers. Our furnishings in our IN HOUSE COLLECTION keep memories alive and generate conversation.